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Library Spell Inconsistent with Hidden Text in Word 4.00, 5.00

PSS ID Number: Q47816 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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In Word Version 4.00, the Speller checks all words, whether or not they are in hidden text. In Word 5.00, the Speller checks all hidden words when the “Show Hidden Text” field in the Options menu is set to “Yes”. However, in Word 5.00, if the “Show Hidden Text” field in the Options menu is set to “No”, Word does not spell check words that have been manually formatted as Hidden. The inconsistency is that Word does not ignore words that are formatted as hidden using a style. These words always are included in the spell checking process.

If the hidden text has been formatted by a style and contains incorrect punctuation (i.e., the index or table codes: .i. or .c.), setting the “Check Punctuation” field in the Library Spell Options menu skips over these errors. To get to the Spell Options menu, a misspelled word must be found by the Speller.

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