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Starting Word 5.00 with the /N Switch on a Novell Network

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Word 5.00 should be started with the /N parameter the first time each user accesses Word 5.00 on a Novell network. This parameter need only be invoked once for each user because it is retained in the MW.INI file in each user’s start-up directory. The /N switch allows proper directory navigation, file loading, and file saving to network servers when running Word 5.00 on a Novell network.

The syntax of the command is as follows:


Note: If the MSWNET variable (which points to the location of the user’s MW.INI file) is set to a directory without full user rights (excluding parental), Word 5.00 will not save the parameter to the user’s MW.INI file. Consequently, many errors attributed to user’s not starting with a /N parameter may be related to having the MSWNET variable incorrectly set.

Technical Information:

Word 5.00 uses the DOS “Set Attributes” function call to obtain information about files (whether they exist, whether they are read-only, whether they are directory names, etc). Novell does not allow Word 5.00 to make this call in directories where the user does not have Novell SEARCH right.

The /N parameter allows Word to make a DOS “FindFirst” function call instead of the “Set Attributes” call. This helps Word to find file information requested by the Word.exe file.

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