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Works 2.00 Err Msg: Error Receiving Text

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Microsoft Works error message:

Error receiving text

The other computer sent text too rapidly for Works to process, and some text was lost.


When receiving text through a serial connection, each character is retained temporarily in a one-character buffer in the UART chip on the Serial card until the application (for example, Works) is ready to read it. Each time a character enters the buffer, an interrupt is generated. If that interrupt is not serviced quickly enough, a new character will overwrite the character previously contained in the buffer and an overrun error will occur.

Many communications packages, including PROCOMM, mask such an error and ignore the fact that characters have been lost. Works does not ignore such errors, and returns “Error receiving text” each time this problem occurs. This result is desirable because you know when errors are occurring.

Possible workarounds to avoid errors in receiving text are as follows:

  1. If the other computer uses Xon/Xoff handshake, choose Options Communication (ALT+O+M) and turn on the Xon/Xoff Handshake option.
  2. Disable any memory resident software present during communications that may be masking the interrupts generated by the UART chip.
  3. Run the CPU at a slower speed during communications if this option is available on your machine.

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