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Word: Support for the Toshiba P341SL

PSS ID Number: Q46441 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Word Version 4.00 does not directly support the Toshiba P341SL printer. As a result, Toshiba wrote a Word printer driver for the Toshiba P341SL. However, when using this driver the double underlining does not completely underline words that are formatted with a proportionally spaced font.

Word 5.00 does directly support the Toshiba P341SL with TOSHP321.PRD. However, this printer driver does not provide support for double underlining because it cannot be used reliably for proportionally spaced fonts. Also, printing the extended character set using this printer driver is limited. The Toshiba P341SL does not have a built-in extended character set, so extended characters are built via a character translation table in the printer driver.

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