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Nonbreaking Hyphen and Hard Spaces in Justified Paragraphs

PSS ID Number: Q46167 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




When using a nonbreaking hyphen or a hard space in paragraphs formatted as justified on an HP LaserJet using the HPDWNADP or HPDWNADL print driver, the lines containing either of these characters do not justify properly.

To get the paragraphs containing these characters to justify properly, the character width table in the printer driver must be modified. Use MAKEPRD to convert the printer driver needing the modification to a text file. Locate the font and font size that you wish to print in, and identify the character width table being used for that font. Once you have located the width table that needs to be modified, change character 196 (the nonbreaking hyphen) to have the same width as character 45 (the regular hyphen). The hard space (character 255) must be corrected to have the same width as the regular space character (character 32).

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