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Word: Cordata LP300 Endmod Incorrectly Printing in Document

PSS ID Number: Q46034 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




When printing to the Cordata LP300 printer, the endmod code will incorrectly print out as text instead of being interpreted as an escape code. The code printed is @FONT COURR10.

To correct this situation, the CORDATA.PRD may be run through MAKEPRD to convert it to a text file, and then the text file may be edited. The edit that needs to be made is to replace the string




This will change all of the endmod portions of the font descriptions. One hundred replacements will be made.


The endmod in the 4.00 file (CORONA.PRD) is as follows:

endmod:0 “@FONT;@PITCH 10;”

In 5.00 the original endmod is as follows:

endmod:0 “@FONT COURR10;@PITCH 10;”

The corrected endmod line in 5.00 is as follows:

endmod:0 “@FONT;@PITCH 10;”

This is the same endmod used in 4.00.

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