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Manually Installing Word 5.00 on a Hard Drive

PSS ID Number: Q45504 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




To bypass the SETUP utility and manually install Word Version 5.00 on a hard drive of a computer running DOS, perform the following steps. Please note: You cannot manually install Word if you intend to run the program under OS/2.

  1. Using the DOS Copy command, copy the following files into the Word program directory:

    WORD.EXE (Program 1 disk) WORD.OVL (Program 2 disk) SPELL.OVL (Spell disk) SPELL-AM.LEX (Spell disk) HYPH.DAT (Utilities 1 disk) MW.HLP (Utilities 1 disk) WFBG.SYN (Thesaurus disk) Printer driver(s) (Printers 1 or Printers 2 disks) Mouse driver, if mouse is used (Utilities 3 disk)

  2. Use the MAKEVID utility to create the SCREEN.VID driver. Instructions for the MAKEVID utility are found in the MAKEVID.DOC on the Utilities 2 disk.

  3. Modify the AUTOEXEC.BAT file by adding the Word program directory to the DOS Path (if desired).

  4. Modify the CONFIG.SYS file, as follows:

    FILES=20 (minimum) DEVICE=MOUSE.SYS (if used, including the correct path)

  5. Reboot the computer.

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