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Reading from a LINE SEQUENTIAL File Ignores Line Feeds

PSS ID Number: Q45450 Article last modified on 06-07-1989

2.00 2.10 2.20 3.00 3.00a | 3.00 3.00a MS-DOS | OS/2

Summary: In Microsoft COBOL, linefeed characters are ignored when read from a LINE SEQUENTIAL file. The record delimiters for a LINE SEQUENTIAL file are carriage return characters. The linefeed that accompanies the carriage return is superfluous. Any linefeeds in the middle of a record also are ignored by the READ statement. Linefeeds created using the WRITE BEFORE or WRITE AFTER clauses are also ignored when they are READ in from a file. This information applies to Microsoft COBOL Versions 2.00, 2.10, 2.20, 3.00, and 3.00a.

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