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Method of BCWS Calculation

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Microsoft Project has the ability to calculate Earned Value during the life of a project, based on planned information. This cost is known as Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (BCWS). Given that you are working with a task with a starting date of 6/5/89 8:00 AM and a current date of 6/7/89 5:00pm and a single resource that has a standard rate of $100/d and has a duration of 5d, on 6/7/89 5:00 PM, BCWS will be calculated [after copying the scheduled information into the plan (Options, Set Plan)] as $270.00.

This value can be found by making the Task Sheet the active view and applying the Earned Value table (Table, Define Table, New). This value is calculated by dividing the total elapsed hours (57) by the total number of hours in the task (105) and rounding the product to the nearest two significant figures. In this example, the value is 54 percent. Then multiply the value (.54) by the planned cost (100 * 5). Therefore, on 6/7/89 at 5:00 PM, BCWS equals $270.00.

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