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Speller Dictionary Must Have Two-Letter Country Code

PSS ID Number: Q44118 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Word requires that the default Speller dictionary have a two-letter country code. For example, SPELL-AM.LEX is an American dictionary, SPELL-BR.LEX is a British dictionary, and SPELL-FR.LEX is a French dictionary.

If a dictionary such as FRED.LEX is specified in the Options “speller path:” field, Word will search for any dictionary in the speller path that has an appropriate two-letter country code. If Word does not find such a dictionary, an error message will appear indicating that Word could not find the main dictionary.

In the case where FRED.LEX is specified and Word finds SPELL-AM.LEX in the path, Word will use SPELL-AM.LEX as the main dictionary. If you choose to add Word to the standard dictionary, Word will create a standard dictionary with the name UPDAT-.CMP. Normally, Word would create a standard dictionary with the name UPDAT-AM.CMP, but since FRED.LEX did not have a two-letter country code, Word did not attach a two-letter country code to the standard dictionary.

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