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Line Number Count Does Not Go Beyond 136 in Word 5.00

PSS ID Number: Q43678 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




With the “count blank space:” field under the Options command set to Yes, the maximum line number Word will display on an unpaginated document is 136.

With “count blank space:” set to Yes, Word calculates the current cursor position on the page in twips and calculates the number of lines on the page. Since Word stores the line number as an integer, this limits the highest line number to 32767 divided by 240 or (maxint)/(the default line height in twips), which is 136. A twip is equal to 1/20 point or 1/1440 inch.

With “count blank space:” set to No, Word counts just text lines and gives that count as the line number. In this case, the number can go as high as 999.

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