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EMMLIMIT= Restricts Expanded Memory Available PSS ID Number: Q43613 Article last modified on 06-28-1991 PSS database name: W_WinPRoj




I am using Microsoft Project for Windows, and I have LIM 3.2 specification expanded memory available (confirmed by Help About). However, I am also running several other applications, and I want to restrict the amount of memory that Microsoft Project for Windows can allocate to itself. Is there any easy way of doing this?


Yes. The WINPROJ.INI entry EMMLIMIT= is designed to set the maximum amount of EMS (expanded) memory that can be allocated to the application if, at minimum, LIM 3.2 memory is available. This entry can be typed into the Microsoft Project WINPROJ.INI file as follows:


The setting 2048 is the amount of memory in kilobytes (2048K = 2MB) that the application is limited to addressing. Please note that this is the maximum LIMIT that the application can access. The minimum amount that can be set is 128K. Any setting less than 128K causes Project for Windows to not use any EMS memory that is available.

If no EMMLIMIT= is set, then the application accesses ALL available (pre-LIM 4.0) EMS memory, leaving none for other applications. If LIM 4.0 EMS is available, Microsoft Project for Windows reserves 128K by default (regardless of any EMMLIMIT= setting) and will allocate more if necessary.

This setting does not reserve memory for the application.

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