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Environment Tries to Use Nonmedium-Memory Model Library PSS ID Number: Q43400 Article last modified on 05-02-1989 PSS database name: S_QuickC

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When compiling and linking inside the QuickC environment, it is possible for the linker to request a library other than the medium-memory model library (MLIBCE.LIB). If the linker uses or requests SLIBCE.LIB, CLIBCE.LIB, or LLIBCE.LIB, it is an indication that you have a program list containing files that were at sometime compiled outside the environment using a different memory model.

More Information:

This behavior is common if no memory model is specified with QCL because QCL uses the small model by default. When the MAKE utility checks the object and source modification dates, and finds that the source has not been modified since it was last compiled, it will use the existing .OBJ file. This behavior causes the linker to either request or use the corresponding library.

Choosing Rebuild All from the Compile… option screen in the Run menu will force QuickC to recompile each module in the program list regardless of the presence of an object file. This should correct the problem.

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