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Works: Applying Color to a Chart

PSS ID Number: Q43240 Article last modified on 10-16-1996




Color can be applied to a chart created in the Microsoft Works version 2.00 Chart module in the Spreadsheet or Word Processor module draw layer. The steps to apply color to a chart are as follows:

  1. After plotting a chart, choose Copy from the Edit menu.
  2. Return to the Spreadsheet document or create a new Word Processor document to paste the chart.
  3. From the Edit menu, choose Paste. (The draw layer will open automatically.)
  4. From the Format menu, choose Ungroup Picture.
  5. To select individual parts of the graph, use the Pointer tool.
  6. Apply color to portions of the chart by selecting the desired portion, choosing Color - Black Dots or Color - White Dots from the Format menu, and selecting a color.

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