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Word: “Not a Valid Number” Err Msg in Page Number Field

PSS ID Number: Q42266 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

4.00 5.00 5.50 6.00



If the “number format:” field of Format Division Page-numbers is set to something other than numbers (for example, “I”, “i”, “A”, or “a”), and the “numbering:” field is set to “Start”, you must still enter a number in the “at:” field.

In Word Version 5.50, the format for page numbers may be set by selecting the Format Section menu option (ALT, T, S), and move to the Page Numbers dialog box (ALT+R). Although the Format: field may be set to something other than “1 2 3 …”, the Start at: field must still contain either a numerical value or the word “Auto”, signifying automatic page numbering.

For example, if the number format chosen is “A” and page numbering will start with the letter “C”, the number 3 must be put in the “at:” field. Putting the letter “C” in the “at:” field gives the “Not a Valid Number” error message.

In Word 5.50, the Start at: field specifies the starting page number. Putting the letter “C” in the Start at: field gives the “The number is not valid.” error message.

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