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Custom Tab under 1 Inch

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If an attempt to add a custom tab stop at less than 1.0 inches is preceded by pressing ALT+F1 instead of ESC Format Tab Set, the result will be an integer value entered in the “position:” field, with the “leader character:” field changed to the “.” (decimal).

For example, if ALT+F1 is pressed, and “.7” is then typed in, the result will be the “position:” field containing “7” and the “leader character:” field set to “.” (decimal).

If this menu is accessed by pressing ALT+F1, a zero must be entered before the decimal number, e.g. “0.7” instead of “.7”.


Pressing ALT+F1 to access the menu automatically positions the cursor within the ruler. The tab-setting enhancements in Word Version 5.00 allow you to move the cursor to the proper location on the ruler with the arrow keys, to press the letter corresponding to the alignment, and to enter the symbol representing the leader character, all without tabbing to the respective fields. Following this procedure causes the above problem to occur when accessing the menu in this fashion.

If the menu is accessed by pressing ESC Format Tab Set, the cursor is not automatically positioned in the ruler, and decimal values can be entered normally.

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