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Word 5.00: Using the MSWNET Variable on a Network

PSS ID Number: Q41566 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Word Version 5.00’s MSWNET variable points to the location of the MW.INI (personal initialization file), UPDAT-AM.CMP (speller main dictionary update), and SCREEN.VID (video driver) for a particular user on a network.

The workstation Setup program adds the MSWNET variable to the user’s AUTOEXEC.BAT file. This line tells Word to operate in network mode and where to find the user’s workstation Word directory.

The syntax for setting the MSWNET variable is as follows:

SET MSWNET=<driveletter>:<path to user directory>

Word in network mode looks for NORMAL.STY and NORMAL.GLY first in the user’s current directory, then in the directory defined by the MSWNET variable, and then in the Word program directory on the server.

The MSWNET variable does not dictate where Word’s temporary (.TMP) files are stored; this can be done by setting the DOS TMP environment variable.

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