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Macintosh QuickBasic "Packing List", Release Disk Contents

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Article Last Modified on 11/21/2006

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This article contains the complete Packing List file from the Examples disk from QuickBasic Version 1.00 for Apple Macintosh. This list describes all files shipped with the product.


              Contents of Disks for Microsoft QuickBasic for
                     Apple Macintosh Systems
                          Version 1.0

                Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1988

This document contains information about Version 1.0 of
Microsoft QuickBasic.

============================< Packing List >======================

--------------------------- Program Disk--------------------------
      Contents                 Description
      --------                 -----------
File Browser                   Utility to read and print TEXT files
Microsoft QuickBasic (b)       Binary QuickBasic
Microsoft QuickBasic (d)       Decimal QuickBasic
ReadMe                         Miscellaneous notes and warnings
Packing List                   This file

Runtime Folder
--------------                   binary external runtime                   68881 coprocesser external runtime
    QB10.dl                   decimal external runtime

--------------------------- Examples Disk------------------------

      Contents                Description
      --------                -----------
MacBanker Folder
    MacBanker                 personal finance manager
    MacBanker Docs.MacWrite   MacBanker documentation

QB Demos Folder
Short demos
      AlertDemo               'ALRT' resources to get Mac Alerts
      Cones                   program from the User's Guide
      Crazy Color             fun graphics
      Demo Resources          Resources used by the demo programs
      Dialog Example          'DLOG' resources to get a Mac dialog
      Icon Example            icon resource example
      It's a Drag             shows how to drag a gray outline
      Music                   play Bach, and draw a musical picture
      Music Picture           Contains the picture for Music
      Lace                    graphics with GET,PUT, and XOR
      POS/CSRLIN Example      using different fonts on the screen
      Show MacPaint File      read a MacPaint file
      Show me                 MacPaint file to show
      String Resource Example Mac 'STR ' resources
      ToolBoxSampler          Sampler of Toolbox routines
      Using Textboxes         easily format text in your windows
      Waveform Sounds         defining waveforms for sound
      Window Chase            a toy and programming puzzle
Example application sources
      Animated Sort           sorting algorithms brought to life
      Calendar                create calendars
      Terminal                simple telecommunications program
Utility programs
      Program Skeleton        outline of Mac Basic application
      Utility Subprograms     a collection of useful subprograms
Advanced programming examples
      Clip Regions            fun demo of clipping regions and color
      FileInfo                get file types and modification dates
      File Browser.source     Source for the File Browser utility
      GetPathNames            get a file's full path name
      Text Edit Example       advanced text editing functions

Tools Folder
      Cursor Editor
      Edit                    Apple text editor
      extra MBLC remover      strips an application's unused MBLCs
      Pattern Editor
      Print Listing File      utility to print a paginated "lst" file
      Renumber Codes          old library fixer
      ResEdit                 resource editing and moving tool
      SortSub                 sort subprograms for the compiler
      Statement Mover         library statement and resource mover

User Libraries Folder
For the advanced programmer.
Support and example files for building custom libraries with MPW
assembler, MPW C, MPW Pascal, or Lightspeed C.  See appendix E.9 for
more details.

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