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Word: Problems on Sun 386i Computer

PSS ID Number: Q41077 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The Sun 386i is a UNIX-based computer that can run DOS programs in an emulation window (similar to OS/2’s compatibility box). Microsoft has received numerous reports of problems that occur when running Word version 4.00 in this DOS-emulation window. Most problems seem to be centered on keyboard handling. Keystrokes repeat or numerous letters appear when only one key is pressed. Setting the “cursor speed:” field under the Options command to “0” (zero) may resolve the problem.

It has also been reported that in Word version 4.00, it is impossible to change the screen colors with a color monitor. Black and white are the only available color options.

It has been reported that the DOS-emulation window crashes upon loading or quitting Word version 5.00. The reports involve Hercules Monochrome graphics cards.

This configuration has not been tested with Word 5.50.

Word has not been tested on the Sun 386i, and therefore, Microsoft cannot guarantee proper results when Word is run on this machine.

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