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MASM Version 5.00 Mixed-Language Example with PASCAL ID Number: Q40530

5.00 MS-DOS


Below are the demonstration files PA.ASM and PAMAIN.PAS from the MASM Version 5.00 Disk 1 mixed directory.

More Information:

The following is PA.ASM:

.MODEL medium .CODE PUBLIC Power2 Power2 PROC push bp ; Entry sequence - save old BP mov bp,sp ; Set stack framepointer

    mov     ax,[bp+8]       ; Load Arg1 into AX
    mov     cx,[bp+6]       ; Load Arg2 into CX
    shl     ax,cl           ; AX = AX * (2 to power of CX)
                            ; Leave return value in AX

    pop     bp              ; Restore old framepointer
    ret     4               ; Exit, and restore 4 bytes of args


The following is PAMAIN.PAS:

program Asmtest(input, output); function Power2(a:integer; b:integer): integer; extern; begin writeln(‘3 times 2 to the power of 5 is’, Power2(3,5)); end.