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How to Create a Custom Command Line Using Macros in Multiplan PSS ID Number: Q40111 Article last modified on 01-09-1989 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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To create a custom menu containing menu options that execute macros you have created, set up a three-row, twelve-column table describing the new command line. The first row of this area will contain the command labels for the menu. The second row will contain the command descriptions. The third row will contain the names of the macros.

Use “mc<name>” (without the quotation marks) to invoke this custom menu from within a macro, where <name> is the name defined for the three-by-twelve table.

For example, if the menu area is named “menu”, the menu can be invoked by running a macro containing the line “mcmenu”. This macro will replace the regular command line with one containing the command labels from the first row of the menu table. By tabbing or spacing to the command you want to execute and pressing ENTER, you execute the macro as specified in the third row of the same column of the menu.

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