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Method for Counting the Number of Print-Merge Fields

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Works allows only 32 merge fields per document. If you are getting an error message that says you have more than 32 merge fields but you can’t find them all, do the following:

  1. Press CTRL+HOME to move the cursor to the top of the document.
  2. Press ALT+S to pull down the Select menu.
  3. Press “S” to Search.
  4. In the “Search for:” field, type an Alt+175 (hold down the Alt key while typing 175 on the numeric keypad).
  5. Press ENTER to begin the search. The trailing chevron on the first merge field will be highlighted.
  6. Press the F7 key to repeat the search. This will highlight the trailing chevron on the second merge field.
  7. Repeat the search by pressing F7, counting the fields as you go, until you find the extra fields. Remove the fields from the document and try the print merge again.

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