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MS-DOS: Absolute Input/Output, the FAT, and Buffers ID Number: Q39761

2.x 3.x 4.00 4.01 MS-DOS


Absolute input/output is not cached in buffers. As a result, directory and file allocation table (FAT) information that is in the buffers when the absolute I/O is done will not be updated. Consequently, all absolute disk input/output sequences should be preceded and followed by the Disk Reset service, interrupt 21H, function 0DH.

This disk reset function writes to the disk all buffers that have been marked as changed and marks all buffers as free buffers. This ensures that any subsequent file handle reads/writes from/to the disk will actually access the disk, and will not get the information from the buffers. The correct sequence of interrupt 21H handle- or FCB-based file I/O, absolute I/O, and disk resets is as follows:

int 21s DISK RESET absolute disk input/output DISK RESET absolute disk input/output DISK RESET int 21s