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Word Err Msg: Font Download Unsuccessful

PSS ID Number: Q38535 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Word Error Message: “Font Download Unsuccessful”

You are printing on a printer with downloadable fonts, but Word can’t complete the font download. Word prints the document with a substitute font or cancels the print job if you have a hardware problem.

Before you try to download again, confirm that your printer is connected properly and has the right port specification. For serial printers, also confirm that the baud rate is correct.

If your document printed with a substitute font, make sure the correct font file is in the directory or drive specified in the “printer:” field of Print Options.

Some printers have many fonts, but can load only a few into memory at once. If you try to load more fonts than can fit into printer memory, you may see an error indication on your printer. Only those fonts sent successfully to your printer are available.

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