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Space Between Columns Prints Out Incorrectly

PSS ID Number: Q38324 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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When you are formatting for columns in a document using the Format Division Layout command, the space that prints out between columns may not correspond to what is set in the “space between columns:” field.

In Word 5.50, select Section from the Format menu (ALT, T, S), and set the space between columns (ALT+S) in the Spacing field of the Columns box.

Typically, this problem will occur if the wrong printer driver is being used. Make sure that the correct printer is selected in the “printer:” field of the Print Options menu. If the printer uses cartridges or downloadable fonts, make sure that the correct driver is selected.

In Word 5.50, make sure that the correct printer is selected in the Printer File field of the File Printer Setup menu.


The differences in the actual character widths used by the printer itself and the width tables used in the Word printer driver file create this problem. Word calculates the width of each column and the space between them according to the character-width tables in the selected printer driver. If the actual fonts are wider than the character widths being calculated by Word, overlapping columns will result (or a narrower space between columns than selected). If the actual fonts are narrower than what Word is calculating, a larger space between columns will result. Switching to the proper printer driver will correct the problem.

For example, HPLASPS.PRD supports the Helvetica and Times Roman fonts of the B cartridge. HPLASMS.PRD also supports the Helvetica and Times Roman fonts, but for the Z cartridge. The font widths for the Z cartridge are different than the corresponding fonts for the B cartridge.

Therefore, if the B cartridge is placed in the LaserJet cartridge slot and the printer driver selected is HPLASMS (the incorrect selection), the width between columns will be incorrectly calculated and will not print out as expected.

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