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PRB: L1102 Error from Corrupted Library, List Filename Error

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Article Last Modified on 9/30/2003


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  • Microsoft LINK for MS-DOS 5.x

This article was previously published under Q38201


An attempt to link an application fails and Microsoft LINK generates the following message:

L1102: unexpected end-of-file


This error occurs when the linker attempts to use a corrupted or null library to resolve external symbols. The library was probably corrupted at the library creation stage in Setup.

The L1102 error can also occur if you type the name of a library used to build the application at the "list file" prompt, as follows:

   Run File  [SPUD.EXE]: main.exe
   List File [NUL.MAP]: libname.lib (generates faulty library)
   Libraries [.LIB]: libname.lib
   Definition File [NUL.DEF]: main.def

This process creates a map listing with the specified library name in the current working directory. Because LINK searches the current working directory before the directories specified in the LIB environment variable, the L1102 error occurs when LINK searches the listing file instead of the library.


Check the LIB directory for small or zero-sized libraries. Use Setup to rebuild libraries as necessary.

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