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Removing the Formula Bar from Excel Worksheets PSS ID Number: Q37739 Article last modified on 02-26-1993 PSS database name: W_eXceL

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There are two ways to turn off Microsoft Excel’s formula bar. The first way is the same for both Excel 3.0 and Excel 2.x. This is the easiest way; it takes effect immediately and can be accomplished by a menu command from within Excel.

The second way involves a modification of the EXCEL.INI file for Excel 3.0 or the WIN.INI file for Excel 2.x.

More Information:

Removing the Formula Bar Using Excel’s Menu Commands (3.0 and 2.x)

  1. From the Options menu, choose Workspace.
  2. Clear the Formula Bar check box.

Removing the Formula Bar by Modifying EXCEL.INI for Excel 3.0

  1. Make sure Excel is not running. This can be done by pressing CTRL+ESC and ensuring that Microsoft Excel is not listed on the Task List.
  2. Open the EXCEL.INI text file using the Windows Notepad. The EXCEL.INI file is usually in the WINDOWS directory.
  3. Find the OPTIONS= line.
  4. Subtract 2 from the integer on the right of the equal sign. For example, if the line reads OPTIONS=327, change it to OPTIONS=325.
  5. Save the modified EXCEL.INI file.

When Excel is executed, the formula bar will not be displayed.

Removing the Formula Bar by Modifying WIN.INI for Excel 2.x

  1. Open the WIN.INI file with any text editor.
  2. Locate OPTIONS= line under the [Microsoft Excel] section.
  3. Subtract 2 from the integer on the right of the equal sign. For example, if the line reads OPTIONS=87, change it to OPTIONS=85.
  4. Save the modified WIN.INI file.

After restarting Windows and Excel, the Formula Bar will not be displayed.

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