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Microsoft KB Archive/36852

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Word: Link Commands with Excel 1.00, 1.03. 1.04, 1.06

PSS ID Number: Q36852 Article last modified on 03-07-1997

====================================================================== 4.00 MACINTOSH kbinterop kbole

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for the Macintosh, version 4.0


With Excel versions 1.50 and earlier, Update Link does not automatically return to Word. Instead, Update Link operates the same as Edit Link: you must press COMMAND+, (comma) to return to Word from Excel.


Excel versions 1.50 and earlier also don’t copy link information to the Clipboard. If you have an Excel version 1.00, 1.03, 1.04, or 1.06 selection in the Clipboard and you choose Paste Link from the Edit menu in Word, you will get an error message reading “No link information in Clipboard.” With these early versions of Excel, you must create the identifier paragraph yourself before you can use the Edit Link feature.

This identifier paragraph is placed immediately before the Excel information and must be formatted as hidden text. The paragraph should contain "Excel!<filename>!<areaname> where <filename> is the name of the source Microsoft Excel document or chart document, and <areaname> identifies the area in the Microsoft Excel worksheet that corresponds to the information inserted.

For more information about QuickSwith, and about using word with other programs, see Appendix C of the “Reference to Microsoft Word” manual.

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