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Microsoft KB Archive/36776

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Collapsing and Expanding in Outlines on Zenith Laptop

PSS ID Number: Q36776 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The function keys F1 through F10 are located along the top of the keyboard on Zenith laptop computers. There is a blue FN key at the lower-left position of the keyboard; pressing this key elevates the function keys by one level. While holding down the FN key, the F1 key becomes F11; F2 becomes F12, etc.

These key sequences perform the following functions:

Keys Functions —- ———

FN+F1 Collapse headings, equivalent to PLUS (+) or F11 FN+F2 Expand headings, equivalent to MINUS (-) or F12 FN+NUM LOCK+* Expand levels, equivalent to ASTERISK (*) FN+SHIFT+F1 Collapse body text, equivalent to SHIFT+PLUS or SHIFT+F11 FN+SHIFT+F2 Expand body text, equivalent to SHIFT+MINUS or SHIFT+F12


It is also possible to enable the keypad that is mapped onto the keyboard, but this method is somewhat confusing because the computer gives no feedback as to which mode you are in.

To activate the PLUS and MINUS keys of the keypad to perform the collapse and expand of outline heading function, the FN and NUM LOCK keys must be pressed at the same time, followed by pressing the NUM LOCK key once. At this point, the PLUS, MINUS, SHIFT+PLUS, and SHIFT+MINUS perform the outline functions. In this mode, pressing the NUM LOCK key toggles between using the direction keys and using the numeric values of this keypad. Pressing the FN+NUM LOCK keys toggles out of this keypad mode and back to the regular keyboard.

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