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Program to Compile QuickBasic Programs from Macintosh Desktop

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Article Last Modified on 10/20/2003


  • Microsoft QuickBasic Compiler for Macintosh 1.0
  • Microsoft QuickBasic Compiler for Macintosh 1.0
  • Microsoft QuickBasic Compiler for Macintosh 1.0

This article was previously published under Q36644


The program below allows you to bypass QuickBasic's load step and compile a QuickBasic program directly from the Macintosh desktop or from another text editor. This makes the process of compiling a large program faster.

This information applies to Microsoft QuickBasic versions 1.0, 1.0a, and 1.0b for Apple Macintosh Systems.


Some editors such as QUED/M from Paragon Courseware are able to pass the name of a file to another application when it transfers to that application. If this is done with QuickBasic, QuickBasic will RUN the program. You may transfer to the program below instead. This program will then launch QuickBasic, passing it a message to compile the file rather than RUN it.

On the desktop, if you select both this program and the desired program source, then choose Open from the Finder's File menu, this program will launch QuickBasic and pass it the name of the file and a message to compile the file.

If you start this program alone from the desktop, or transfer to it from another application, it will ask for the name of the file to compile.

You will need to have loaded the file into QuickBasic once before, to set the desired compiler options. If you have never set the options, then QuickBasic will use the defaults.

'    Quick Compile
'    Copyright 1988 Microsoft Corp.
'    Written in Microsoft QuickBasic 1.0 for Apple Macintosh
'    Microsoft does not make any warranty or claims for the
'    performance of this program.
'    Quick Compile is a utility for Macintosh QuickBasic. It enables
'    you to compile a file directly from the desktop (or another
'    application), bypassing QuickBasic's loading step. The source
'    file must be saved as TEXT.
'    Some text-editing applications are able to transfer to another
'    program, telling it to open a file. If you transfer to QuickBasic
'    this way, then QuickBasic will RUN the program, not compile it.
'    You can transfer to Quick Compile instead, and it will take care
'    of telling QuickBasic to compile the file.
'    When started from the desktop, Quick Compile asks for the file
'    name, then launches QuickBasic to compile the file.
'    When you shift-click to select a file and Quick Compile, then
'    select Open from the Finder's File menu, Quick Compile will
'    compile that file.
'    After compiling Quick Compile, you should run it once to
'    initialize it's resources.
'    You should compile with Options:
'        OFF: Checking, Default Window, Runtime Events
'        ON : Static Arrays, MBLCs & MBPCs, Save Before Compile

WINDOW 1,"",(0,0)-(1,1),3   'invisible window
DIM SHARED r%(3)    'scratch rectangle

'   If QuickBasic is in another folder or you've changed the name,
'   then change this assignment so you won't always have to go
'   looking for QuickBasic.
QB$ = "Microsoft QuickBasic (b)"
h& = 0
me% = SYSTEM(7)

GetRes me%,"QBLI",0,h&
IF h& = 0 THEN    'missing QB Launch Info
    NewHandle 2, h&    'allocate a 2-byte handle
    returning% = -1
    POKEW PEEKL(h&),returning%
    AddRes me%,h&,"QBLI",0,"QB Launch Info"
    returning% = PEEKW(PEEKL(h&))

IF returning% THEN
    POKEW PEEKL(h&),0   'FALSE -> returning flag
    SetResAtt h&,2    'set dirty flag on resource
    UpdateResFile me%

type$ = "" : f$ = "" : m% = -1
'   look for message to Open file
    '    get finder message: 0 = Open, 1 = Print
    '    get file name
    l& = PEEK(PEEKL(PEEKL(&HAEC))+12 )
    f$ = STRING$(l&," ")
    BlockMove PEEKL(PEEKL(&HAEC))+13,SADD(f$),l&
    '    get file type
    type$ = MKL$(PEEKL(PEEKL(PEEKL(&HAEC))+6))
    '    get full path name of file
    Folder$ = ""
    VolRefNum% = PEEKW( PEEKL(PEEKL(&HAEC))+4)
    GetDirName VolRefNum%, Folder$
    f$ = Folder$ + ":" + f$

'    second chance for bad or no arguments
IF type$ <> "TEXT" OR m% <> 0 THEN
    GetFile f$,"TEXT","What source file to compile?"

IF f$ = "" THEN END 'no file to compile so quit

e% = 0
Exists QB$,e%   'can we find QB?
IF e%= 0 THEN
    GetFile QB$,"APPL","Please find "+QB$+" for me"
    IF QB$ = "" THEN END    'quit if no QB

'    remember that we're returning from a
'    sublaunch the next time we start
GetRes me%,"QBLI",0,h&
POKEW(PEEKL(h&)),-1    'TRUE -> returning flag
SetResAtt h&,2    'set dirty flag
UpdateResFile me%

'    make sure there's a valid application name resource
CheckAplName f$, f$+" apl"

'    compile the file
SubLaunch QB$, f$, 256, "TEXT"

END    'here if SubLaunch failed

'   CheckAplName
'   Make sure there is a valid MBAN resource in the source file.
'   If there is not a valid MBAN resource in the source file, then
'   bad things will happen when QuickBasic tries to compile.
'   If there is just 1 MBAN, then we're ok
'   If there is more than 1 MBAN, something is wrong with the file,
'   so delete them all and use the default.
'   If there are no MBANs then use the default name.
'   n$  = source file
'   cn$ = default file name
SUB CheckAplName( n$, cn$ ) STATIC
    c% = 0 : x% = 0 : fr% = 0 : h& = 0
    CountRes "MBAN",c%
    OpenResFile n$, fr% : UpdateResFile fr%
    CountRes "MBAN",x%
    x% = x% - c%
    IF x% <> 1 THEN
        IF x% >1 THEN    'bad file: extra MBANs
            FOR k% = 1 TO x%    'delete all
                GetIndRes "MBAN",k%,h&
                RemoveRes fr%,h&
                ReleaseRes h&
            UpdateResFile fr%
        END IF
        '    use default MBAN
        StringToHandle cn$,h&
        AddRes fr%, h&, "MBAN", 0
        CloseResFile fr%
        ReleaseRes h&
    END IF

'   StringToHandle
'   Create a Pascal string in a handle from a Basic string
SUB StringToHandle(a$,h&) STATIC
        x$ = ""
        ReleaseRes h& : h& = 0    'make sure handle is empty
        B2PStr a$,x$
        size& = ASC(x$) + 1    'string length + length byte
        NewHandle size&, h&
        BlockMove SADD(x$),PEEKL(h&),size&
        x$ = ""

'   GetFile
'   Prompt for a specific file to open
SUB GetFile(f$,t$,m$) STATIC
    WINDOW 10,"",(-20001,-20001)-(-20000,-20000),3
    '    window width is w% or m$ width +10, whichever is larger
    w%=300 : x% = WIDTH(m$)
    IF x% > w%-10 THEN w% = x% + 10
    WINDOW 10,"",(l%,mBar%+11)-(l%+w%,mBar%+30),2
    SetRect r%(0),2,2,CINT(WINDOW(2)-2),CINT(WINDOW(3)-2)
    textbox m$,r%(0),1

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