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New Feature: Glossary Load

PSS ID Number: Q36448 Article last modified on 02-16-1995

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The command, Transfer Glossary Load, was added beginning with Word version 5.00:

TRANSFER GLOSSARY LOAD filename: read only: Yes (No)

To load glossary files with Word version 5.50, choose Glossary from the Edit menu (ALT, E, O) and select Open Glossary (ALT+O).

This command will clear the current glossary, including the NORMAL.GLY glossary, then load the specified glossary.

Word will prompt to save the previous glossary if changes have been made. The proposed name for saving the glossary will be the name of the last loaded glossary file. For example, if JOE1.GLY is loaded, then JOE2.GLY is loaded, the proposed name for saving will be JOE1.GLY. This is consistent with document saving, and with the way Word version 4.00 behaves. NORMAL.GLY will be automatically loaded when the computer is booted.

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