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Aligning and Positioning Running Heads Word 5.00

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The new Format Running-head menu looks like the following:

FORMAT RUNNING HEAD position: Top Bottom (None) odd pages: (Yes) No even pages: (Yes) No first page: (Yes) No alignment: (Left-margin) Edge-of-paper

Position None lets you turn a running head into a normal paragraph quickly. If set to None, all other fields are ignored. ALT+P (or ALT+X+P) also turns a running head into a normal paragraph.

The alignment field aligns the running head with the left margin instead of the edge of the paper. This option is stored with each running head. A division may have a header printed between margins, and a footer printed within the margins. However, the setting of the first header in the division applies to all the headers in that division and to footers within a division. The preset default is left margin.


Margins and Running Heads

Word Version 5.00 prints the entire running head and adjusts the margins so they do not overlap with the body of the document. The values in Format Division margins are not touched, only the printout is adjusted.

It is possible to specify fixed absolute values for the margins, so they are never adjusted. This feature lets you print page numbers vertically centered, against the outside edge (this could also be done with Format Position), or have a long vertical header on the side of the page. This feature also lets you position body text, headers, and footers as three independent pieces of text on the page in, for example, an overlay (logo in the background, etc.).

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