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Microsoft KB Archive/35991

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Accessing Adobe Downloaded PostScript Fonts

PSS ID Number: Q35991 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Adobe supplies soft fonts and a utility to download these fonts to a PostScript printer. To access these fonts from Word, both the printer driver and the PostScript initialization file (.INI) must be modified. Below is an overview of the modifications.

Modifications to the printer driver are as follows:

  1. Add a new Font Description Table and assign a new font identification number.
  2. Set the PCSD value equal to the number of font sizes of the added font.
  3. The WTPS table has four values. For each attribute, enter the character width; for proportional fonts, add a pointer to the appropriate Character Width Table.
  4. Create a Character Width Table by giving it a new identification number and enter the table in the Width Table section in numerical order. The character width information can be found in the Font Metrics File supplied by Adobe.
  5. The Beginmod line for each font size has three values enclosed in quotation marks. The first one is the font identification number. The second one is the font size in points. The third is an “F”, which is a constant that identifies a procedure in the .INI file.

Modifications to the .INI file are as follows:

  1. Go to the /fonttable section and insert the font identification number in sequence followed by font name(s) in brackets. The font names are assigned by Adobe and they are case sensitive. The font name should have a “- Foreign” suffix for access to the foreign or extended characters.
  2. The section that has the procedures for assigning the “-Foreign” suffix, if one was used in the /fonttable section, is the end of the .INI file.

After these modifications are made, it is important to reset the printer and download the fonts again.

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