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Microsoft KB Archive/35983

From BetaArchive Wiki

INF: Windows Documentation of WIN.INI Definitions ID Number: Q35983

2.03 2.10 3.00 WINDOWS


The Windows version 3.0 Setup program copies two text files, WININI.TXT and WININI2.TXT, which describe WIN.INI, and three text files called SYSINI.TXT, SYSINI2.TXT, and SYSINI3.TXT, which describe SYSTEM.INI. Additional information can be found in the “Microsoft Windows User’s Guide” shipped with the version 3.0 retail Windows product.

For version 2.0, documentation that defines the various items in the WIN.INI file can be found in Chapter 7, section 7.4, “Windows Initialization File,” in the “Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit Programmer’s Reference,” starting on page 653.

Additional information on WIN.INI is included on page 271 of the “Microsoft Windows User’s Guide” that is shipped with version 2.0 of the retail Windows product.