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Word 5.00: Description of Show Layout

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When the Options “show layout:” field is set to Yes, Word displays not only side-by-side paragraphs and newspaper columns on screen, Word also displays absolutely positioned paragraphs (and graphics) in their actual position. Pressing ALT+F4 toggles the Show Layout mode on and off. Graphics are represented by their tag (.G.) and are placed at the correct position on the screen. Text flows around a graphic, if necessary. If the graphic has a border property, the frame is solid instead of dotted.

With Options “show layout:” set to Yes, Word lets you scroll continuously through the entire document and does not display running heads or footers, footnotes, or annotations. To view one page at a time, including headers or footers and footnotes, use the Print Preview command. You can edit text and format the document, exactly as in normal Edit mode, and repagination is automatic, regardless of what the option is set to.

However, in Show Layout mode, Word functions slower.

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