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Invoking DOS Interrupts with Call X“84” in COBOL 3.0

PSS ID Number: Q35512 Article last modified on 04-21-1993

3.00 | 3.00 MS-DOS | OS/2

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft COBOL for MS-DOS and OS/2, version 3.0

Summary: Using the statement CALL X“84” in COBOL Version 3.0, you can make DOS interrupt calls, which use only the AX, BX, CX, and DX registers. An example is available in the Software Library that shows how to make such an interrupt call. This article can be found in the Software/Data Library in a file named COB3X84 by searching for COB3X84, the Q number of this article, or S12030. COB3X84 was archived using the PKware file-compression utility. The example uses a block of data from within the COBOL program to serve as a buffer for the DOS interrupt call.

Additional reference words: 3.00 Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1993.