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Graphics Integration

PSS ID Number: Q35312 Article last modified on 01-24-1995

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The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, versions 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0


Word will allow you to import graphics into a document and print them. Using Word, you can position graphics anywhere on the page as with normal paragraphs; however, graphics are visible only in Print Preview. In normal edit mode, only the graphics “tag” is shown, in the corresponding size. In show layout mode, tags and empty frames are displayed, in the corresponding size and at the corresponding position.

To import graphics into a document using Microsoft Word versions 5.5 and 6.0, from the Insert menu, choose Picture. In the Picture dialog box, the following options are available:

Picture File Name: Format: Preview Align in Frame: Graphic Size: [width and height] Space: [before and after]

The following fields have been added to the Library menu in Word version 5.0:

Library Link: Document Graphics Spreadsheet

Library Link Graphics filename: file format: alignment in frame: Centered graphics width: graphics height: space before: space after:

The supported graphic formats are as follows:

  1. Lotus PIC files
  2. PC Paintbrush PCX or PCC files
  3. Microsoft Pageview picture files
  4. HPGL plotter files (instruction subset supported by the Hewlett-Packard 7440A ColorPro Plotter)
  5. PostScript (these files are not displayed in Print Preview and are printed only on PostScript devices)
  6. Windows Clipboard format and Pageview picture files
  7. TIFF B (compressed and uncompressed) and TIFF G (uncompressed) files
  8. Print files (this replaces the .P. code feature of Word 4.00)
  9. Files created with the CAPTURE.COM utility.
  10. Windows Clipboard contents (Bitmap format only)

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