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What to Check When Word Prints Incorrectly or Not At All

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The following is a list of possible reasons why Word might print incorrectly or not print at all:

  1. The wrong printer driver is being used. Check the Print Options Printer field to make sure the correct printer driver has been entered.
  2. The printer is not in draft mode. Word expects the printer to be in a default or draft mode of 10 characters per inch (cpi) and six lines per inch (lpi). Check the printer’s front panel or DIP switches for the correct settings.
  3. The printer is not set up properly. The printer could be emulating another printer, or using a different character set than Word is expecting. Again, check the printer’s front panel or the DIP switches for the correct settings.
  4. The communications settings may be wrong. On a serial printer, the DOS Mode command must be used to set up the communication between the computer and the printer. Check to see that the correct Mode command is being used.
  5. The printer cable is not pushed in all the way. If the cable is not fully connected, unpredictable results may occur.
  6. There are strange characters in the printout. There may be characters in the document that the printer is interpreting as control codes.
  7. The Print Options “feed:” field is not set accurately. If this field is set to Bin1, Bin2, Bin3, or Mixed with a continuous feed printer, the printout will start too low on the page.

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