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Visio5: Special Instructions for Reordering Pages in a UML Drawing File

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Article Last Modified on 6/1/2001


  • Visio 5.0 Enterprise

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If you reorder pages in a multiple-page UML drawing file, add a shape to the page, and then save, close, and reopen the file, you may receive the following error message:

Visio's Add-on services encountered an error.
You can continue running Visio.
Click OK to continue.

If you click OK and continue working, the file may behave unexpectedly. For example, shapes may appear on the page without their default text, or Visio Enterprise may stop responding when you try to work with the UML Navigator.


Reordering pages in a multiple-page UML drawing file can cause the UML Navigator to become unsynchronized with the drawing page view. If the UML Navigator and the drawing page become unsynchronized, and you add a shape to the page and save the file, the file becomes corrupted.

NOTE: A "view" is a single perspective on the same UML model data. The UML Navigator view provides a tree view of your UML model; the drawing page provides a graphical view of the same model. See pages 65-68 of the Modeling in Visio Enterprise manual to learn more about the components of a UML drawing file.


By saving and closing an unsynchronized UML drawing file immediately after reordering pages, you can resynchronize the UML Navigator view with corresponding pages in the drawing file. Resynchronizing the UML Navigator view with the drawing pages view prevents the file from becoming corrupted.

To safely reorder pages:

  1. On the Edit menu, click Drawing Page, and then click Reorder Pages.

The Reorder Pages dialog box appears.

  1. Click Move Up or Move Down to reorder one or more pages, and then click OK to close the Reorder Pages dialog box.

The page icons in the UML Navigator tree are no longer synchronized with the drawing pages they represent.

  1. Double-click a page icon [GRAPHIC: ] in the UML Navigator tree.

Because the page icons are no longer synchronized with the pages they represent, the page that Visio Enterprise displays does not correspond to the icon that you click.

  1. Before adding a shape to the displayed page, save, close, and reopen the file.

The UML Navigator is resynchronized with the drawing pages.

  1. Continue to work as you usually do in Visio Enterprise. When you want to reorder pages, repeat Steps 1 through 4.


To learn more about reordering pages, see Visio Enterprise Help or page 22 of the Using Visio Enterprise manual.

To learn more about deleting pages from a UML drawing, see Visio Enterprise Help or page 20 of the Using Visio Enterprise manual.

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