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Microsoft KB Archive/253793

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 for Macintosh Is Available

Article ID: 253793

Article Last Modified on 7/24/2007


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 for Macintosh

This article was previously published under Q253793


The following requirements are necessary to run Internet Explorer version 4.5 for Macintosh:

  • A Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor
  • Macintosh OS version 8.1
  • 8 MB of RAM with virtual memory turned on (12 MB recommended)
  • 15 MB of hard disk space for Internet Explorer
  • Apple MRJ 2.1 or above


Internet Explorer version 4.5 for Macintosh includes the following new features:

  • Page Holder

Similar to the Search pane, the Page Holder feature allows you to easily move through content-rich Web sites that contain many links, such as news sites or product information sites. You do not have to scroll back through many pages to return to a reference page or repeatedly click the Back button before you can go to a different set of links. You can simply view a page in the Page Holder tab on the toolbar, and then click links on the page to see the page in the main browser window. If you want to see only the links, you can toggle on or off the "links only" view inside of Page Holder.

  • Form AutoFill

After you fill out a form or set personal identification preferences for the first time (such as name and address), you can click the Form AutoFill button to automatically fill in any form you may encounter on a Web page. Form AutoFill intelligently detects the appropriate fields and highlights them after they are filled. This is an exclusive feature of Microsoft Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition.

  • Form AutoComplete

This feature is also useful for filling out forms. After you set your personal preferences, you can begin to type information in a field (for example, the first few numbers of your fax number), and Form AutoComplete finishes the entry with the remainder of the appropriate word, phrase, or number, using the personal preference you set up. You can accept the automatic entry by pressing the RETURN or TAB keys, or you can override the feature by typing other information.

  • Print Preview

This feature gives powerful new control over print functions, while making printing faster and easier. It also reduces wear and tear on expensive printer cartridges. As with Microsoft Office programs, the Print Preview command lets you see how a Web page looks before you issue the Print command. You have the option to toggle headers and footers, images, and backgrounds on or off. You can choose to print the page with or without a wide table or graph ("no cropping" or "cropping" options). This feature is not available with any other Macintosh browsers.

  • Automatic Scaling

This feature lets you automatically scale the content of a Web page to fit on a sheet of paper, without clipping text or images. This feature also makes it easy to print exactly what you want the first time, by minimizing the common problem in which Web pages print out in portions, leaving part of each sheet of paper blank.

  • Smart Backgrounds

You can use this feature to turn off a dark-colored or heavily-textured Web page background to make it easier to read when it is printed. If the background is turned off, it becomes white and the text is changed to black. You can perform this function in the Print Preview window, which is exclusive to Internet Explorer 4.5 for Macintosh.

  • Smart Page Breaks

Internet Explorer now breaks pages around objects, without being constrained to straight lines. This feature eliminates cut-off images, ensuring that a graphic object prints completely on a single page. This feature is an economical use of paper and reduces waste.

  • Drag and Drop Install

Drag and Drop is a revolutionary way to install Internet Explorer. Users simply drag the program folder to your hard disk and start Internet Explorer. There are no confusing questions to answer, and there is no requirement to select which components you want to install. This feature leverages one of the most popular innovations in Microsoft Office 98, and is exclusive to Microsoft Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition.

  • Self-Repairing Applications

Internet Explorer 4.5 for Macintosh is designed to be self-maintaining. The browser proactively fixes problems without requiring you to intervene (for example, when you inadvertently delete a necessary system file). It also performs maintenance tasks to prevent incompatibilities. For example, if you change the name of a hard disk, Internet Explorer updates all necessary files to ensure continued smooth operation. Similar to the Drag and Drop Install feature, this feature uses popular functionality from Office 98. This feature is exclusive to Microsoft Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition.

  • Faster Performance

Internet Explorer version 4.5 for Macintosh starts faster than previous versions and delivers fast display of previously visited Web pages.

  • Macintosh OS 8.5 Sherlock Integration

The Internet Explorer interface integrates with Apple's new Macintosh OS 8.5 Sherlock Integration technology, making the benefits of Sherlock Integration instantly available to you. If you click the Internet Explorer address bar, you gain direct access to Sherlock Integration, without having to first switch to the Finder. You can use Sherlock to search multiple sites and adjust Sherlock's settings so that searches are best suited to your needs so that when you go to a Web site, you can use Sherlock to automatically search for sites related to the one you are currently viewing. Sherlock also summarizes the text on the current Web page and places it in the clipboard, so you can paste it into another program. This feature is exclusive to Microsoft Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition.

  • Macintosh Drag and Drop for Images

Internet Explorer 4.5 lets you drag and drop images onto the desktop. The images are automatically saved and displayed in GIF or JPEG format with a thumbnail preview, so they are immediately recognizable. This feature eliminates the need to cut, paste, save, and open an image to view the image.

  • Appearance Manager Support

Internet Explorer 4.5 provides support for the Exchange 2000 theme currently included with Macintosh OS 8.5, as well as any future themes provided by Apple or other third parties, so it is more customizable and looks the way programs for the Macintosh should look. This feature is exclusive to Microsoft Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition.

  • Server-Gated Cryptography

Companies conducting electronic commerce internationally can now use Internet Explorer server-gated cryptography to support high-encryption sites for the best security. This feature provides encryption of files at the server level, which enables you to ensure complete security coverage without having to address all possible browser-side configurations. Now, users outside the United States and Canada can gain access to strongly encrypted sites from those countries, making it easier to find information, conduct business and receive services from U.S. and Canadian sites.

  • TEC 1.4.1

With support for Apple's Text Encoding Converter (TEC) standard, Internet Explorer 4.5 now offers improved support for languages other than English, which enables multilanguage encoding on international Web pages.

  • Euro Currency

Upon its adoption, the new European currency is supported in all fonts, so that you can see the euro currency characters inserted by Web page authors. This support helps ensure the seamless exchange of information when you are communicating across international borders.

You can obtain Internet Explorer for Macintosh from the following Microsoft Web site:

For more information about Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh, see the following Microsoft Web site:

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