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  • Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 1

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Microsoft has released various hotfixes to correct specific issues for Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0 clients and servers. Microsoft has packaged these hotfixes into a single 'Dependency' hotfix package to simplify applying these hotfixes to an SMS 2.0 site that is running Service Pack 1 (SP1). All of the files included in this package are dependent upon each other and must be applied as a unit. This article is updated as new hotfixes are added to this Dependency package.

The following table lists Microsoft Knowledge Base article numbers and titles that document corrected problems included with this hotfix package. For additional information about each correction included, use the article number to query for the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

CAUTION: You must apply SMS 2.0 SP1 before you install this dependency package. Do not install this package on sites that are not using SMS 2.0 SP1.

Summary List for Dependency Package for Systems Management Server 2.0 SP1

244157 No Way to Control Attachments to Non-Preferred NDS Servers

242926 MS: Multiple CCR Requests may be Generated for Site System Clients

243171 SMS: Advertisements Are Received By Clients Outside the Targeted Site

245812 SMS: MFC42.DLL Doesn't Upgrade as it Should

247896 Setup May Not Install All Components if Time Synchronization Service is Running

245170 SMS: Missing or Corrupt Offer File May Prevent Client From Running Advertisements

246785 SMS: SMSExec Components Report SQL Error Messages

252425 SMS: Discovered clients fail to be installed by NT Remote Install

247543 SMS: Clients Incorrectly Assigned to Multiple Sites


A supported fix is now available from Microsoft, but it is only intended to correct the problem that is described in this article. Apply it only to computers that are experiencing this specific problem. This fix may receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, Microsoft recommends that you wait for the next SMS service pack that contains this hotfix.

To resolve this problem immediately, contact Microsoft Product Support Services to obtain the fix. For a complete list of Microsoft Product Support Services phone numbers and information about support costs, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

NOTE: In special cases, charges that are ordinarily incurred for support calls may be canceled if a Microsoft Support Professional determines that a specific update will resolve your problem. The typical support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for the specific update in question.

The English-language version of this software update for Service Pack 1 should have the following file attributes or later:

   Date        Time      Size     File name       Platform   Version
   12/17/1999  03:45p    233,312  Abnwcli.dll     I386       2.0.1380.1096
   12/17/1999  03:45p    234,848  Abnwsvr.dll     I386       2.0.1380.1096
   12/30/1999  08:15p    367,798  Apasetup.exe    I386    
   12/20/1999  07:43p    878,176  Baseobj.dll     I386       2.0.1380.1101
   10/21/1999  12:56p    259,936  Bindclin.dll    I386       2.0.1380.1060
   01/21/2000  07:20p    314,368  Boot32nd.exe    I386       2.0.1380.1123
   01/21/2000  07:20p    314,368  Boot32nw.exe    I386       2.0.1380.1123
   01/21/2000  07:20p    314,368  Boot32wn.exe    I386       2.0.1380.1123
   11/10/1999  09:42p    160,080  Ccim32.dll      I386       2.0.1380.1072
   02/02/2000  08:22p    146,832  Ccm.dll         I386       2.0.1380.1130
   01/21/2000  07:20p    298,720  Ccmboot.exe     I386       2.0.1380.1123
   01/28/2000  01:50p    407,136  Ccmbtldr.exe    I386       2.0.1380.1125
   12/17/1999  03:53p  1,318,009  Ccmcore.exe     I386
   12/16/1999  12:03a    141,680  Cidm.dll        I386       2.0.1380.1091
   12/20/1999  08:20p  1,161,632  Clibase.dll     I386       2.0.1380.1101
   01/21/2000  07:34p  3,629,035  Clicore.exe     I386       2.0.1380.1123
   12/15/1999  07:06p    112,480  Cliex32.dll     I386       2.0.1380.1090
   11/03/1999  08:01p     76,656  Clisvcl.exe     I386       2.0.1380.1063
   12/20/1999  08:30p    170,384  Ddm.dll         I386       2.0.1380.1102
   10/01/1999  01:22p    157,536  Falclin.dll     I386       2.0.1380.1051
   04/27/1999  11:59a    995,383  Mfc42.dll       I386       6.0.8447.0
   04/27/1999  11:59a    995,384  Mfc42u.dll      I386       6.0.8447.0
   10/27/1999  05:33p    335,712  Mslmclin.dll    I386       2.0.1380.1063
   06/16/1998  09:45p     77,878  Msvcirt.dll     I386       6.0.8168.0
   03/01/1999  11:44p    266,293  Msvcrt.dll      I386       6.0.8397.0
   02/08/1999  11:31p    326,656  Msvcrt40.dll    I386
   10/21/1999  12:56p    269,664  Ndsclin.dll     I386       2.0.1380.1060
   12/16/1999  12:05a     35,168  Ntlginst.dll    I386       2.0.1380.1091
   12/30/1999  08:10p     46,960  Odpsys32.exe    I386       2.0.1380.1097
   12/30/1999  08:11p     53,104  ODPUSR32.exe    I386       2.0.1380.1097
   12/30/1999  08:11p     54,640  Odpwin9x.exe    I386       2.0.1380.1097
   11/19/1999  08:55p     25,440  Pipcap32.dll    I386       2.0.1380.1079
   12/30/1999  08:13p    209,264  Smsapm32.exe    I386       2.0.1380.1097 
   01/25/2000  06:02p     99,705  Smsboot1.exe    I386
   01/21/2000  07:21p    468,304  Smsman.exe      I386       2.0.1380.1123
   01/21/2000  07:20p    182,272  Smsnds1.exe     I386       2.0.1380.1123
   12/30/1999  08:16p    631,104  Swdist32.exe    I386
   03/02/2000  8:03p          69  Comp1103.ini    I386
   03/02/2000  8:03p          69  Comp1130.ini    I386

   12/17/1999  03:46p    411,408  Abnwcli.dll     Alpha      2.0.1380.1096
   12/17/1999  03:46p    414,992  Abnwsvr.dll     Alpha      2.0.1380.1096
   12/30/1999  08:15p    630,108  Apasetup.exe    Alpha
   12/20/1999  08:18p  1,398,544  Baseobj.dll     Alpha      2.0.1380.1101
   01/21/2000  07:20p    506,640  Boot32nd.exe    Alpha      2.0.1380.1123
   01/21/2000  07:20p    506,640  Boot32nw.exe    Alpha      2.0.1380.1123
   01/21/2000  07:20p    506,640  Boot32wn.exe    Alpha      2.0.1380.1123
   11/10/1999  09:42p    255,760  Ccim32.dll      Alpha      2.0.1380.1072
   02/02/2000  08:23p    232,720  Ccm.dll         Alpha      2.0.1380.1130  
   01/21/2000  07:20p    483,600  Ccmboot.exe     Alpha      2.0.1380.1123
   01/21/2000  07:20p    654,096  Ccmbtldr.exe    Alpha      2.0.1380.1125
   12/17/1999  03:53p  1,916,081  Ccmcore.exe     Alpha 
   12/16/1999  12:03a    244,496  Cidm.dll        Alpha      2.0.1380.1091
   12/20/1999  08:21p  1,852,688  Clibase.dll     Alpha      2.0.1380.1101      
   01/21/2000  07:35p  4,797,367  Clicore.exe     Alpha      2.0.1380.1123
   12/15/1999  07:07p    179,984  Cliex32.dll     Alpha      2.0.1380.1090
   11/03/1999  08:00p    110,352  Clisvcl.exe     Alpha      2.0.1380.1063
   12/20/1999  08:30p    256,784  Ddm.dll         Alpha      2.0.1380.1102
   10/01/1999  01:22p    285,968  Falclin.dll     Alpha      2.0.1380.1051
   09/30/1998  08:21p  2,036,786  Mfc42.dll       Alpha      6.0.8447.0
   09/30/1998  08:20p  2,026,547  Mfc42U.dll      Alpha      6.0.8447.0
   10/27/1999  05:33p    575,760  Mslmclin.dll    Alpha      2.0.1380.1063
   09/30/1998  07:12p    110,131  Msvcirt.dll     Alpha      6.0.8168.0
   09/30/1998  07:15p    539,186  Msvcrt.dll      Alpha      6.0.8397.0
   07/06/1998  04:53p    621,056  Msvcrt40.dll    Alpha
   12/16/1999  12:06a     57,616  Ntlginst.dll    Alpha      2.0.1380.1091
   12/30/1999  08:11p     67,856  Odpsys32.exe    Alpha      2.0.1380.1097
   12/30/1999  08:11p     76,048  Odpusr32.exe    Alpha      2.0.1380.1097
   11/19/1999  08:56p     45,328  Pipcap32.dll    Alpha      2.0.1380.1079
   12/30/1999  08:13p    279,824  Smsapm32.exe    Alpha      2.0.1380.1097
   01/21/2000  07:21p    720,656  Smsman.exe      Alpha      2.0.1380.1123
   01/21/2000  07:20p    293,136  Smsnds1.exe     Alpha      2.0.1380.1123
   12/30/1999  08:16p    685,444  Swdist32.exe    Alpha

NOTE: Because of file dependencies, the most recent hotfix or feature that contains the above files may also contain additional files.

Using the Hotfix Installer

NOTE: You can use this method only for Intel-based computers.

  1. Copy the hotfix folder structure to a local folder on your site server or to a share on your network. It is important to keep the folder structure intact because the Q253151.exe update is dependant upon the folder structure. The Q253151.exe file is a Microsoft Windows Installer file that updates specific files on your site server.
  2. Log on to your site server using an account with administrative privileges.
  3. On the site server, close the Systems Management Server Administrator console.
  4. Run the Q253151.exe file and follow the directions in the wizard.

Manual Installation

NOTE: You can use this method for both Intel-based and Alpha-based primary site servers.

  1. Copy the hotfix folder structure to a local folder on your site server or to a share on your network.
  2. Close the Systems Management Server Administrator console.
  3. Stop all SMS Services.
  4. Copy the following files from the appropriate hotfix platform folder to the specified path below. A site server that is running on an Intel platform needs only the hotfix files from the I386 hotfix folder. A site server that is running on an Alpha platform needs only the hotfix files from the Alpha hotfix folder.

    NOTE: Rename the Comp1103.ini file to Compver.ini before copying it to the \SMS\inboxes\clicomp.src\smsapm32 and SMS\inboxes\clicomp.src\SWDist folders. Rename the Comp1130.ini file to Compver.ini before copying it to the \SMS\inboxes\clicomp.src\base folder.

       msvcrt40.dll (in \SMS\bin\<platform>\system32)
  5. Update the remote SMS provider by following these steps on the remote server that is running the SMS provider:
    1. Stop the SMS_SQL_MONITOR and Windows Management services.
    2. Copy the following hotfixed SMS provider files from the appropriate hotfix platform folder to the <Drive>:\Smsprov\Bin\<Platform> folder:


    3. Restart the SMS_SQL_MONITOR and Windows Management services.
  6. Restart the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER service.

To Update a Remote SMS Administrator Console

  1. From the updated SMS site server, copy the following SMS Administrator console file(s) to a diskette or network share:


  2. Make a backup copy of the file(s).
  3. Copy the updated file(s) from the diskette or network share to the SMS Administrator console directory:


These must be applied in conjunction with the Dependency Package.

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