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Article Last Modified on 10/7/2005


  • Microsoft SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 3
  • Microsoft COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS 4.0 SP2
  • Microsoft COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS 4.0 SP3

This article was previously published under Q248370


When an automation client attempts to call a COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS (COMTI) method that contains a variable length ADO recordset nested in a user-defined type (UDT), An exception error occurs on completion of the method call. One of the following Windows NT events may be posted by COMTI to the Windows NT Application event log when this problem occurs:

(1533) An error occurred when attempting to read the actual size of information for the safearray parameter RESPONSE_DATA in method CaseList.

(1564) An error occurred when attempting to acquire the allow variable length property for parameter PARAMETER1 in method V100c.


COMTI does not properly handle recordsets that are nested in User Defined Types (UDTs).


A supported fix is now available from Microsoft, but it is only intended to correct the problem that is described in this article. Apply it only to computers that are experiencing this specific problem. This fix may receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, Microsoft recommends that you wait for the next Microsoft SNA Server version 4.0 service pack that contains this hotfix.

To resolve this problem immediately, contact Microsoft Product Support Services to obtain the fix. For a complete list of Microsoft Product Support Services phone numbers and information about support costs, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

NOTE: In special cases, charges that are ordinarily incurred for support calls may be canceled if a Microsoft Support Professional determines that a specific update will resolve your problem. The typical support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for the specific update in question.

The English version of this fix should have the following file attributes or later:

File Name Date Time
Convert.dll xx/xx/xx xx:xx

NOTE: Date and time information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

NOTE: Because of file dependencies, the most recent fix that contains the preceding files may also contain additional files.


Replace nested recordsets with UDTs.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in Microsoft SNA Server version 4.0SP2 and 4.0SP3.


The following IMS Cobol output area is a valid structure, which can be mapped to data-types represented in the COM world by using the Component Builder (CB) tool in COMTI. During the construction of the type library, the administrator will more than likely choose to represent the level 30 paragraph below with either a recordset or a UDT. If a recordset is used, COMTI throws an exception, considering that the recordset is nested in a UDT defined in paragraph 20 and 10.

           05  LL                               PIC S9(4) COMP.
           05  ZZ                               PIC S9(4) COMP.
           05  RESPONSE-DATA.                                      
               10  CASE-LIST-RETURN.                               
                   15  SCA-TRAN-SPACE      PIC X(11).              
                   15  PFKEY               PIC X(2).               
                   15  MODE-FIELD          PIC X.                  
                   15  SCREEN-APPL         PIC X(4).               
                   15  UPDATE-TASK         PIC X(4).               
                   15  NEXT-GRDC-APPL      PIC X(4).               
                   15  NEXT-GRDC-TASK      PIC X(4).               
                   15  RETRIEVE-TASK       PIC X(4).               
                   15  GRDC-TRAIN-IND      PIC X(5).               
                   15  SAVE-MOD            PIC X(8).               
                   15  TRAN-IND            PIC X.                  
                   15  UPDATE-RETURN-CD    PIC X(4).               
                   15  UPDT-SSN-KEY        PIC X(9).               
                   15  UPDT-PAT-KEY        PIC X(2).               
                   15  UPDT-CASE-ID        PIC X(9).               
                   15  UPDT-AUTH-NO        PIC X(10).              
                   15  UPDT-USER-ID        PIC X(5).               
                   15  UPDT-CASE-SEQ       PIC X(3).               
                   15  FILLER                   PIC X(17).              
                   15  RETRIEVE-RETURN-CD  PIC X(4).               
                   15  RETR-ERR-MSG        PIC X(55).              
                   15  PA1-IND             PIC X.                  
                   15  TICKLE-REFRESH-IND  PIC X.                  
                   15  RETURN-DATA.                                
                       20  CASE-LIST.                              
                           25  NUM-OF-CASES                        
                                                PIC 9(4) DISPLAY.
                           25  CASES OCCURS 19 TIMES               
                                         DEPENDING ON NUM-OF-CASES
                                             OF GETCASELIST-OUTPUT-AREA.
                               30  CASE-LIST.                           
                                31  CASE-ID     PIC X(10).              
                                31  STATUS      PIC X.                  
                                31  PRIMARY-DX-TEXT                     
                                                PIC X(30).
                                31  CREATE-DT   PIC X(10).              
                                31  ATT-PROV    PIC X(25).              
                                31  CURRENT-OWNER                       
                                                PIC X(5).
                                31  CLOSE-DT    PIC X(10).              


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