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Microsoft Metadirectory Service Startup Options

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Article Last Modified on 10/2/2003


  • Microsoft Metadirectory Services 2.1

This article was previously published under Q246599


The Microsoft Metadirectory Services (MMS) utility (Setupsvc) is used by the installation procedure to set up an MMS server as a Microsoft Windows NT service. This article describes how to use this command-line utility with various command-line options.


The MMS startup options are preceded by either a dash (-) or a slash (/), and include:

  • ?: Display Help about the available options.
  • update: Update existing registry settings.
  • autostart: Set the service to start automatically when the computer boots.
  • path: Define the installation path (the default is C:\Zoomserv). You can change the default path by using the following syntax:

    setupsvc -path d:\zoomserv

  • account: An optional service account name in the form of Account or Domain\Account. For example:

    setupsvc /account myaccount

  • password: An optional service account password. For example:

    setupsvc /password mypassword

  • ldapport: The TCP/IP port used for LDAP requests (the default is 389). For example:

    setupsvc -ldapport 390

  • httpport: The TCP/IP port used for HTTP requests (the default is 80). For example:

    setupsvc -httpport 8080

  • noservice: Do not set up the service; set up only the registry parameters (this is implied in Microsoft Windows 95).
  • remove: Remove previously installed services. Use this option when you are uninstalling Microsoft VIA.

NOTE: When you make changes by using this command-line utility, any options that are not specified are set to their default values. If you made changes to certain options in the past and need to make additional changes, make sure to include all the options and parameters that should be set to something other than the default value. If you do not do so, previous changes are overwritten with the default values.

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