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How To Access Categories (Keywords) Field From an Event Script

Article ID: 246516

Article Last Modified on 6/29/2004


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects 1.2
  • Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects 1.21

This article was previously published under Q246516


This article contains a code sample that demonstrates how to programmatically access the contents of a Message object's Categories field from within an Exchange Server Event Script.


The following Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) code is assumed to be installed on a folder on Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 computer.

<SCRIPT RunAt=Server Language=VBScript>

Option Explicit

'This event is fired when a new message is added to the folder
Public Sub Folder_OnMessageCreated()
   Dim objMessage
   Set objMessage = EventDetails.Session.GetMessage(EventDetails.MessageID)
   Dim strCategories
   If TypeName(objMessage.Categories) = "Empty" Then
      strCategories = "No Categories!"
      strCategories = _
         "LBound:" & LBound(objMessage.Categories) & vbCrLf & _
         "UBound:" & UBound(objMessage.Categories) & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
      'Enumerating Categories in source message
      strCategories = strCategories & _
                      "Enumerating Categories in source message" & _
                      vbCrLf & vbCrLf
      Dim vCat
      Dim v
      vCat = objMessage.Categories
      For Each v In vCat
         strCategories = strCategories & v & vbCrLf
   End If
   Script.Response = strCategories
End Sub



See the following article to get information on how to programmatically access the contents of keywords fields (for example, categories, companies, and children fields) in Microsoft Outlook using VBScript:

201099 OL2000: Working with Keywords Fields from VBScript

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