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Microsoft KB Archive/175022

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Article ID: 175022

Article Last Modified on 1/20/2007


  • Microsoft Project 98 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q175022


A field other than the one you selected appears next to a bar on the Gantt Chart. For example, if you attempt to show the Preleveled Start field next to a bar, the Resource Group field will appear instead. For a list of the fields that are affected by this behavior, see the "More Information" section of this article.


This behavior occurs whether you double-click a bar or use the Bar command on the Format menu to specify which field you want to appear next to the bar.


To work around this behavior, remove the bar formatting and then add text to the field by following these steps:

  1. Remove the bar formatting.
    1. Select the task with the bar formatting.
    2. On the Format menu, click Bar.
    3. Click Reset.
  2. Add text to the field.
    1. On the Format menu, click Bar Styles.
    2. Select the bar type you want.
    3. Click the Text tab.
    4. Add the field you want to appear.
    5. Click OK.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the versions of Microsoft Project listed above.


The following pairs of fields may exhibit this behavior:

   Task Fields

   % Complete - Start9
   % Work Complete - Finish9
   Actual Cost - Cost9
   Actual Duration - Start7
   Actual Finish - Flag17
   Actual Start - Flag16
   Actual Work - Cost4
   Assignment Delay - Confirmed
   Assignment Units - Update Needed
   Baseline Cost - Cost8
   Baseline Duration - Finish6
   Baseline Finish - Flag19
   Baseline Start - Flag 18
   BCWP - Date3
   BCWS - Date4
   Constraint Type - Date9
   Contact - Cost Rate Table
   Cost - Cost7
   Cost5 - Work Variance
   Cost6 - Remaining Work
   Cost10 - Fixed Cost
   Cost Variance - Date1
   Created - Resource Phonetics
   Critical - Duration4
   Date2 - Remaining Cost
   Date5 - SV
   Date6 - Name
   Date8 - WBS
   Duration - Finish7
   Duration5 - Leveling Delay
   Duration6 - Free Slack
   Duration7 - Total Slack
   Duration8 - ID
   Duration9 - Milestone
   Duration10 - Priority
   Duration Variance - Start8
   Early Finish - Flag13
   Early Start - Flag12
   Finish - Flag11
   Finish1 - Number13
   Finish2 - Number16
   Finish3 - Number19
   Finish4 - Text12
   Finish5 - Text15
   Finish8 - Remaining Duration
   Finish10 - Start
   Finish Variance - Number6
   Flag1 - Text22
   Flag2 - Text23
   Flag3 - Text24
   Flag4 - Text25
   Flag5 - Text26
   Flag6 - Text27
   Flag7 - Text28
   Flag8 - Text29
   Flag9 - Text30
   Flag14 - Late Finish
   Flag15 - Late Start
   Flag20 - Start Variance
   Marked - Text21
   Number7 - Predecessors
   Number8 - Successors
   Number9 - Resource Names
   Number10 - Resource Initials
   Number11 - Text1
   Number12 - Start1
   Number14 - Text2
   Number15 - Start2
   Number17 - Text3
   Number18 - Start3
   Number20 - Text4
   Preleveled Start - Resource Group
   Start4 - Text11
   Start5 - Text14
   Start6 - Subproject File
   Text5 - Text13
   Text6 - Text16
   Text7 - Text17
   Text8 - Text18
   Text9 - Text19
   Text10 - Text20
   Work - Work Contour

   Resource Fields

   Actual Cost - Update Needed
   Actual Finish - Baseline Work
   Actual Start - Actual Work
   Assignment Delay - Name
   Assignment Units - Initials
   Base Calendar - Confirmed
   Baseline Cost - Project
   Baseline Finish - Max Units
   Baseline Start - Group
   Code - TeamStatus Pending
   Cost - CV
   Cost Rate Table - Work
   Finish - Standard Rate
   Leveling Delay - Overtime Rate
   Overtime Work - Workgroup
   Response Pending - Text1
   Start - Text2

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