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INV: Broker Import - Updating Historical Data

PSS ID Number: Q174983 Article last modified on 11-18-1998




The information in this article applies to:

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A broker imported account may not include all the historical data you want for an investment in MSN Investor. Because a broker may only keep historical transaction data for a limited time, you may want to manually add historical data, or add extra transactions to compensate for missing information.

This article describes how to manually update this historical data.


When Investor imports data from a broker, it may add an Add or Remove Shares transaction dated 1/1/97 to make the position reported by Investor match the position reported by the broker.

If you wish to manually add previous historical data, you need to delete the fake transaction.

Adding Historical Data

To add older historical data to your broker imported account, follow these steps:

  1. Gather your records.
  2. In Portfolio Manager, double-click the investment to go to Investment Details.
  3. On the Transactions tab, click the 1/1/97 Add (or Remove) Share transaction, and then click Delete.
  4. Click New to add the appropriate historical transactions: Buys, and Sells with the correct dates, quantities, prices, commissions, and other information.

NOTE: If you want to enter historical data to a certain date, you can create a Buy transaction for the total of all previous entries using the average cost as the price per share. Or you can use an Add Shares transaction if you do not know what the previous prices were.

Correcting Imported Data

Sometimes your broker may not record all data for a transaction. For example the price may be missing for a transaction, which may result in an incorrect Cost Basis or problems with other calculations in Investor. This could happen if a purchase or sale was recorded as a transfer by the broker and hence exported to Investor as an Add (or Remove) Shares transaction.

You may be able to adjust for this by adding transactions manually.

As an example, if purchases were imported as an Add for 100 shares on 7/1/97, but you know that the price was $20 per share, you could add the following two transactions to allow Investor to return more accurate calculations:

7/1/97 Remove Shares - Quantity 100

7/1/97 Buy - Quantity 100 - Price $20

The Remove Shares transaction compensates for the additional shares recorded in the new Buy transaction.

After making these manual changes, the account’s cash balance may change. To correct this balance, Update the Imported Brokerage Data, from Portfolio Manager’s File drop-down menu.

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