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How to Use SSL (HTTPS:) Through the Reverse Proxy

Last reviewed: December 30, 1997
Article ID: Q174786

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Proxy Server version 2.0


If you have a secure key on the Proxy Server, you could get any URL (as well as URLs that use Reverse Proxy) using HTTP or HTTPS. If you will use HTTPS, you will have a secure cannel to the Proxy Server. However, with this configuration, the connection to the Proxy Server will be secure but the connection to the internal server will not be secure (even if the publishing server has a key, you can not use it with Proxy 2.0). The client is not aware of any differences, and if network trace is done on the Internet side, it will still be encrypted data.


If you have an application that needs to have security (authentication) rather than just privacy, you will want to consider setting up Server Proxying. For more information on this, please refer to the Proxy Server 2.0 documentation in the Configuring Server Proxy Parameters section.

Version           : WINNT:2.0
Platform          : winnt
Hardware          : ALPHA x86
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Last reviewed: December 30, 1997
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