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Article Last Modified on 10/28/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 Standard Edition

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The LinkAge Notes Directory Exchange Agent (DXA) will not process any requests. It appears to initialize properly and does not do anything. Requests from LinkAge Administrator's Process Manager to stop the process do not take effect. The LinkAge Notes DXA is stuck in the current activity "Processing Inbound MIF Message," regardless of size of the update. After you terminate the process through Windows NT 4.0 Task Manager (Lsdxants.exe), within the next minute the log reveals the following (logs are located in LINKAGE\LOGS directory):

   1997/09/22 17:57:34- LDE(01a8) 4 10153:Subtask DXANOTES(lsdxants.exe)
   has ended with return code 1
   >> subtask(441)
   1997/09/22 17:57:34- LDE(01a8) 2 10157:Subtask DXANOTES generated the
   following messages:
   >> subtask(1031)
   1997/09/22 17:57:34- LDE(01a8) 2 10158: DXANOTES> The ID file being used
   is: C:\notes_server\data\
   >> subtask(1049)
   1997/09/22 17:57:34- LDE(01a8) 2 10158: DXANOTES> Enter password (press
   the Esc key to abort):
   >> subtask(1049)


The incorrect Lotus Notes ID file is being used in reference to the LinkAge Notes Directory Exchange Agent (DXA). The LinkAge Notes DXA, similar to the LinkAge Notes Connector, requires a Notes ID file with no password.


To work around this problem, do the following:

  1. Check the [DXANOTES] section in the Linkage.ini file, located in the \LINKAGE directory. The parameter NOTESINI points to the location of the Notes.ini file that the LinkAge Notes DXA will use.
  2. Start a Notes client pointing to the Notes.ini file (notes.exe =c:\notes\notes.ini).
  3. Select the File menu, and then click Tools, and select User ID to verify which ID file is being used by the LinkAge Notes DXA.
  4. Change the User ID to the proper Notes ID (should not have a password) by going to the File menu, clicking Tools, and selecting Switch ID.
  5. If you receive one of the following pop-up messages:

    The ID file is locked by another process. Try again later.


    Unable to open desktop file. Notes may have terminated abnormally in an earlier session. Please log off or shut down the operating system before running Notes again.

    you should stop the LinkAge controller service from Control Panel and ensure that no Lsdxants.exe, Lsntsmex.exe, Lsmexnts.exe, Notes.exe, or Nlnotes.exe processes are resident in memory. If so, terminate them using task manager and attempt another dirsync cycle.
  6. If this fails, restart the computer.


By default, LinkAge Message Exchange (LME) and the LinkAge Directory Exchange (LDE) components connect to the same Notes server. Therefore, the Notes.ini parameter in the LME-NOTES and DXANOTES section points to the same Notes.ini file on the LinkAge computer. If the LDE component is connecting to a different Notes server than the LME component, the Notes.ini parameter in the DXANOTES section of the Linkage.ini file must reflect this difference; otherwise, dirsync will not work. Check this parameter first, and confirm that it is correct.

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