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XFOR: Correspondence Between Foreign.nsf and Lmd.*

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Article Last Modified on 10/28/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q174697


After you recreate the Foreign.nsf file from scratch, any full loads or updates to existing users have no effect from Exchange to Lotus Notes. You may also see the following errors for the process DXANOTES in the LinkAge logs:

   1997/09/22 18:29:40- DXANOTES(0165) 2 64083:Transaction: ### - Record
   has already been added - Treat as an update
   >> lndxapi(1965)
   1997/09/22 18:29:44- DXANOTES(0165) 1 41116:Error opening Notes document
   with id = ####
   >> lsnabapi(1012)
   1997/09/22 18:29:44- DXANOTES(0165) 2 41127:Notes Package ID: Notes
   Storage Facility (NSF). Extended Reason String: Invalid or nonexistent
   >> lsnabapi(3118)
   1997/09/22 18:29:44- DXANOTES(0165) 1 64103:Error {System failure}
   detected opening Note
   >> lndxapi(2512)
   1997/09/22 18:29:44- DXANOTES(0165) 2 64073:Error {System failure}:
   While processing Transaction ###
   >> lndxapi(1397)

Applies to the LinkAge Notes Connector with LinkAge Directory Exchange version 3.2 (components include LinkAge Exchange DXA, LinkAge Notes DXA, and LinkAge DXM).


The LinkAge Directory Exchange Manager (DXM) sends the full load to the Notes Directory Exchange Agent (DXA); however, the Notes DXA compares each user being added to the LMD table, which has not been reset. Because the entry exists in the Local Mapping Directory (LMD), the Notes DXA assumes that the entry should be interpreted as an update to an existing user in Foreign.nsf, though the Foreign.nsf has been cleared. The Notes DXA then attempts to update the person document in Foreign.nsf that no longer exists. The result is that the user is not added, and the above error occurs in the LinkAge log files (located in Linkage\Logs directory).


This workaround should only be used when Foreign.nsf has been recreated from scratch. The following procedure requires a directory pull/push on the Notes side, which could take a significant amount of time to transmit and process:

  1. Stop the DXANOTES process, or shut down the LinkAge Directory Exchange service.
  2. Go to the LINKAGE\DXANOTES directory and delete, rename, or move the following files:


  3. Start the DXANOTES process, or start the LinkAge Directory Exchange service.
  4. Request a full load from Notes. This will bring in a full directory from Notes and recreate the LMD tables.
  5. Send a full load from DXM to Notes. This will ensure that the LMD also represents what currently exists in Exchange.

Step 5 may produce duplicate entries in the Notes address book if it was not empty; that is, if it contains any Exchange users. The LMD tables have a correlation between the document ID and the key fields (username, domain) of the person document. When this LMD table is removed, the Notes DXA will try to insert these names as new documents, not modifications, though the identically named user is in the address book. To recover, or prevent this, in the case where Exchange names are stored in a separate address book, recreate a blank address book for the Exchange names, and redo steps 1-5. In the case where Exchange names are stored in the same address book as other Notes names, a solution would have to be researched.

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