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PRB: Querying for TCP Performance Data Returns Unchanged


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Win32 Application Programming Interface (API), used with:
    • the operating system: Microsoft Windows NT, versions 3.51, 4.0


A performance monitoring application that uses RegQueryValueEx to take samples of TCP related performance data will not gather any data, or the data buffer returns unchanged for these object counters. In some configurations, the process using RegQueryValueEx may show a growth in Private Bytes usage. Depending on how often the data is queried, the application will eventually cause the system to page excessively and make the system sluggish.


The SNMP service is not installed. These counters require the SNMP service.


Install and start the SNMP service.


This behavior is by design.


In order for the performance registry to deliver data for TCP, IP, ICMP, or UDP objects, you must have the SNMP service installed.

For additional information about getting TCP related data and installing the SNMP service, please search the Microsoft Knowledge Base using these words:


The respective performance data indexes for the TCP related counters (TCP, IP, ICMP, and UDP) are 638, 546, 582, and 658.

Additional query words: crash leak bug

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